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Scammers switched from Twitter to Facebook

December 01, 2018 00:22:57 - Many users of the social network Twitter already have been accustomed to a large number of posts advertising cryptocurrency scam. Almost no one is not taking the bait at this point. The scammers decided to change their operating platform. After some thoughts, they decided to choose Facebook.

Twitter has been popular for free giveaways of coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. On Facebook scammers want to get the users data from their bank cards. For this purpose, they’re creating sites with fake sponsored advertisement.

For example, the most commonly used is an advertisement leading to a site that looks like CNBC. The post is accompanied with a story about profitable investments. For people who have even a little knowledge for the topic the scam is instantly obvious. In particular, you can see the mismatch of the URL of the project with the CNBC domain. On the scamming site there is a news hanging about a new digital currency that is actively promoted by the governments of developed countries.

Unfortunately, there are still people who fall for the bait of scammers and lose their well-earned money. The entire situation is remarkable in that Facebook is blocking almost all the advertisements regarding digital assets. However, the scammers still managed to find a loophole in the mechanism and now they are doing their dirty work.

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