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Satoshi Nakamoto alive?

December 05, 2018 00:25:30 - Quite an interesting event occurred last Friday. An entry from the Bitcoin creator’s account, Satoshi Nakamoto, was posted on the P2P foundation website. It contained only one word “nour” which translated from Arabic means “light”. Also from Nakamoto’s account was added as a friend the user under the name Wagner Tamanah, who allegedly lives in Brazil.

In the meantime, hot discussions about this have started on the Internet. The users divided into 2 camps. Some believe that it was some sort of a sign from Satoshi. While the others are convinced that the account was hacked by the scammers. In their favor is the fact that such precedents have already happened before. A couple of years ago a hacker got the access for Nakamoto’s e-mail and made a post on the P2P Foundation site.

The news had made a major impact on the exchange rate of many digital currencies. Bitcoin almost instantly lost about 15% of its value, however towards the end of the weekend it had almost completely recovered. Other coins at that time had also significantly decreased in its value.

Let’s recall that early Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik recently expressed his opinion about the real name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

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