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ICO “Empire V” had funded hardcap beforehand

December 05, 2018 00:26:05 - A couple of months ago the launch of ICO “Empire V” was announced. The producers of the film decided to hold a fundraiser for the film completion in a rather unusual way. Now we can say for sure that the results have exceeded all the expectations.

About 150 investors invested in the project about 32000 ETH (about 35 million Euro). At the same time, the hardcap was almost 10 times lower. The director of the film Victor Ginzburg was inspired by the success. During an interview with reporters he said the following:

“The result is simply awesome. This is a step forward for the entire film industry. I hope that the experience we acquired in the last couple of months will be useful for many other companies. Cinema should have to become independent. This can be achieved only when ordinary viewers will become its investors.”

Soon project tokens will be out on a number of popular exchanges (EXMO, INDX, etc.). Investors will be able to rely on a portion of the income from film public screenings. Also, people who have purchased at least 100 Bablos tokens will be able to get to the closed premiere of the film.

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