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Blockstream has developed a new programming language Simplicity for making smart contracts

December 07, 2018 00:11:17 - The Blockstream company, that develops advanced solutions in the field of innovative technologies, has created a new programming language designed for making smart contracts. It was named Simplicity. Its source code can already be found in the public domain.

Simplicity should become a worthy alternative to other similar languages. The software solutions, that are built into the Simplicity blocks, have more extensive capabilities than the beloved Bitcoin Script. The new language is more flexible and simple in work than Solidity and Ethereum.

Its main advantages are simplicity and ease of use. Even the users who don’t understand the fundamental codes of these tools will be able to make safe and effective smart contracts.

Simplicity can boast with wide functionality. It reminded a bit of programming languages like Java and Python. It is worth highlighting another remarkable feature of recently created programming language. After finding errors in the code the developers will be able to change the existing smart contract. It was simply impossible to do this in Solidity, which is why some programmers didn’t like it.

Some features of Simplicity:

• the ability to implement finite state machines

• infinite loop protection

• analysis of the presented code

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