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Facebook will launch a cryptocurrency product?

December 12, 2018 08:49:21 - Active Facebook users know that this social network has rather ambiguous attitude towards digital currencies and blockchain. Not long ago Facebook started fighting against different advertisements about cryptocurrencies and ICO, which users were very unhappy about. Now it has become known that Facebook will soon enter the digital currency and blockchain market.

If you carefully examine the Facebook Careers website, you can easily find as many as 5 vacancies for specialists knowledgeable in free registry technology:

• Software Engineer (2 vacancies);

• IT engineer;

• Specialist in data processing and analysis;

• Product marketing manager.

Facebook has yet to comment on possible innovations, so the experts can only guess on what the social network needed specialists of this profile for and what kind of product should we expect in the near future.

After analyzing the posted vacancies, the experts came to conclusion that Facebook will launch some product that will allow you to make payments.

Let’s recall that recently one of the members of the board of directors of Coinbase, David Marcus, announced his leaving due to the fact that he wants to concentrate on the secret blockchain project from Facebook. His decision was a surprise for many users.

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