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Bitcoin billionaire from Hong Kong threw out more than over 13 million US dollars to local citizens

December 20, 2018 07:40:12 - In the world of cryptocurrency beautiful stories happen sometimes with a little disappointing ending. The other day such incident had occurred in Hong Kong. The local bitcoin billionaire Wong Ching-Kit decided to make an auction of unprecedented generosity.

He, having climbed on the roof of one of the buildings in the poorest district of Hong Kong, started throwing out banknotes in nominal value of 100 Hong Kong dollars (about $13). People started gathering in front of the building in advance, as the young man posted about the event on his Facebook page beforehand. He promised for the people coming to the event, to make a money rain. According to the organizer of the event at one point the cash will begin to drop from the sky.

At the promised hour quite a lot of people, who wanted to improve their financial situation a bit, gathered in front of the building. It is not exactly known how much money had the cryptocurrency billionaire thrown out. According to mass media reports, the Hong Kong citizen that day said goodbye to more than 13 million US dollars.

A small period of time after the start of the event the police had arrested this man. During the search he had on him a small sum of money.

Wong Ching-Keith promised to hold another such an event soon. This time there will be given out free coupons for lunch in a local restaurant. However no one knows now when the new event will occur, because now the young man is under arrest and it is not known what charges will be placed against him from local law enforcement authorities.

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