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Students from Iran pay for education in British universities with cryptocurrency

December 20, 2018 07:41:06 - Digital currencies were created so that people could exercise control over their money. Due to the prevailing political situation, some of the cryptocurrencies are starting to be used for their real purpose. In particular, we are talking about Bitcoin. For example, Iranian students with the help of the world’s main digital asset have bypassed the banking system, which they lost access after introduction of latest sanctions by the USA to.

Let’s recall that in November Iran was disconnected from the system of international interbank transfers SWIFT. As a result, the students lost their opportunity to pay for their studies in a traditional way. This circumstance was the reason that the Iranians started to actively using Bitcoin for paying.

Unfortunately, not all UK higher education institutions decided to make advances with Iranian students. For example, the Reading University laid them under the obligation of returning to their country, taking cash with them and paying for their education upon arrival back. However, this option has a huge number of disadvantages. It is unknown how they would be able to cross borders with a large amount of money.

It is very likely that in Iran in the near future will be repeated the Venezulean scenario. The government already started developing their own digital currency that will be used to bypass the US sanctions.

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