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Another threat from Telegram for Iranian economy, now with its cryptocurrency

January 05, 2019 03:08:57 - Due to political situation between United States and Iran, the U.S. continue on imposing new sanctions. That’s why Iran is looking for new non-traditional ways for increasing their capital, and they’re looking more and more in the direction of cryptocurrencies. However, the officials recently declared that using some of the crypto assets will be considered a threat to the country’s sovereignity.

Secretary of Criminal Content Definitions Task Force of Iran, Javad Javidnia declared that any activity with Gram, Telegram’s native digital currency would be considered as the action against the national security of the country. Tehran Times reported that this measure was taken because of the possibility of this currency disrupting economy in Iran.

In April, 2018 Iran had banned the Telegram messenger as it posed the same threat of disrupting the economy. And later Javidnia added that the messenger even had a negative effect on the politics of the country.

“One of the most important reason for banning Telegram was the feeling of serious threat for the economy from its activities, which was unfortunately marginalized and ignored due to the confusion state that the country resides in,” – Javidnia commented on this matter.

In January 2018 Iran was engulfed by massive riots and protests. The organization of the events was planned in the popular messenger so the officials had to ban Telegram. BBC reported that the ban of Telegram could also be because of infamous decision of Trump administration to withdraw from Cooperative comprehensive action plan on the deal with Iran, and resuming on imposing sanctions in May 2018.

In that same May, 2018 Telegram Open Network (TON), blockchain platform of Telegram was planning to carry out their public ICO, but it got canceled for some unknown reason even after raising excessively $1.7 billion. In October 2018 one of the most known in Russia media source Vedomosti reported that soon TON will be the fastest blockchain platform for processing transactions which means getting ahead of Ethereum and even Bitcoin. They also said that Telegram is planning on integrating a wallet as their service, and the Telegram's native cryptocurrency Gram will be used for transactions payments. However, they received this information from two private investors, so it is rather questionable to believe this information without any reliable confirmation.

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