2FA Guide

2 FA on BitSeven

There are endless possibilities of hacking and stealing password authentication through means of phishing, so having two-factor authentication enabled is essential to your account security.

Download App

If you do not yet have the Google Authenticator app on your device, you can download it by using this links:

Activate Google Authenticator (2FA)

Please keep the Google Authenticator code and QR code by downloading or printing image (6)

BitSeven security
To enable 2FA you need to go on “Account Security” page. You can do it by clicking “Account” on main menu (1), then “Account Security” (2) at “Account & Preference” section. Then you need to enable 2FA by scanning QR code (3) or entering a provided key (4) manually.
Then you need to enter the 6 digit 2FA code (it will be providing by the app after scanning QR or entering it manually) and clock “Submit” (5)

Enable Google Authenticatior (2FA)

After the clicking “Submit” you will be redirected to “Account Security Setting” page, there you can enable/disable 2FA for login/withdraw.
To enable/disable 2FA for login click on on/off button at “login” section (1)
To enable/disable 2FA for withdraw click on on/off button at “withdraw” section (2)
Then you need to enter the 6 digit 2FA code in the “Google Two-Factor Authentication” section and press “Change” (3)

When you will enable 2FA you need to enter the 6 digit 2FA code for every login or withdraw.

Q: I lost my 2FA secret code, how can I recover it?
A: If you lost your two-factor authentication 2FA, please write to us at [email protected] with the subject : “Lost 2FA Device“.

Q: I’m going to change my phone, what is the best way to deal with 2FA?
A: You can change your phone number. Please note that mobile service providers are not related to Google 2FA. If you are using a new phone, you will need to use your Google authenticator for the new phone and manually add the secret key or QR code that you originally used to enable it. You can disable two-factor authentication on the platform website. Please refer this article about the process.

Q: I have problems with 2FA, I can’t log from my phone, what should I do?
A: A typical reason for two-factor failures is that time on your phone clock has shifted. We only have a two-minute window for 2FA confirmations, so if your clock is out of this time frame, you will not be able to log in. Please make sure that your phone is set up to synchronize your time with the cellular network.

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