How to exchange

How to exchange on BitSeven

If you want to trade ETH/LTC or XRP on our platform, you need Deposit BTC and then exchange BTC to other cryptocurrency.

You need to click “Account” (1) in the top menu and then select “Crypto Exchange” (2). There are some sections, the “Wallet Balance” section shows your available balance (3) and “Exchange” section is letting you exchange cryptocurrency inside Bitsevens Platform.

First of all choose the cryptocurrency you are going exchange (4), then select the cryptocurrency you want to get (5) and enter the amount to exchange (6), it will show you the price (7) and the total amount to receive (8)

Q: What is the fee for Exchange?
A: The Exchange fee is 0.19%

Q: The “Amount to receive” is being calculated with fees?
A: No, the “Amount to receive” does not include fee.

Q: How long will exchange be?
A: The exchange operations are instant.

Q: Is it possible to withdraw ETH/LTC or XRP?
A: No, there is only possible to withdraw BTC from our platform. You need to exchange ETH/LTC or XRP to BTC for withdraw.


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