How to withdraw

How to withdraw on BitSeven

If you want to withdraw your BTC, click on the “Account” (1) in the menu, then click on the “Withdraw” (2) in the right menu section. There you need to put the data for your withdrawal.

– In the “Destination Address” (3) you need to write the address of the btc wallet where the BTC will be sent (note, our system use typical legacy BTC addresses for withdrawal (P2PKH or P2SH), beginning with the number “1” or “3”. It is not possible to withdraw to P2WPKH addresses that begins with “bc1”)
– In the “Withdrawal Amount” (4) you need to write the amount of BTC (it must not exceed the available balance) or use “withdraw all” (5) to withdraw all available btc.
When your wrote all the data it will show the amount in the “amount you receive” (6) which will be sent to your destination address with fees (7).
If you have activated and enabled 2FA security for withdraw, you will have to write 6 digital secret key in “Google 2 Factor Authentication” section to complete your withdraw.

Then you need to click on “Withdraw” to begin your withdrawal process (8), after that you will receive the confirmation link to your mail, which you used in registration form before.

You need to click on the confirmation link to confirm your withdrawal.
  • You can make withdrawals only in Bitcoin,
  • The withdrawal fee is 0.001 BTC,
  • Bitcoin withdrawal can take from 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the time it takes for the blocks to be displayed on the network (Blockchain). You can always check a status of the transaction at

Q: What’s the minimum withdrawal amount?
A: In order to withdraw bitcoins, there must be a minimum withdrawal amount of at least 0.001 BTC on your BitSeven account.

Q: How to cancel the withdrawal?
A: If you withdrawal is still not completed, you can write us on our email [email protected] with the query to cancel your withdrawal, if this withdrawal is not completed yet, then we will cancel your withdrawal or you can write to our support on this page.

Q: I can’t withdraw my funds, what’s going on?
A: It might be that you have uncompleted deposits, you can check all your last deposits status on your deposit history page at the “Details” section, if there any other status then “Completed” of some deposits it would be impossible to withdrawal your funds till the status will be completed. If it takes too long or there is no uncompleted deposits, you can write us on our mail [email protected] or through the “Customer Support” page

Q: Is it safe to make withdrawals, how do you secure transactions? Is the withdrawal system reliable?
A: Security of funds and user information is our top priority. Our security team is constantly improving our comprehensive security measures and improving audit processes.
The vast majority of system funds are stored in offline, cold wallets. We process the withdrawal of funds manually from cold wallets. Therefore, the withdrawal may be delayed, but this delay will not exceed a maximum of one day.
BitSeven hopes you understand this.
For more information, follow the link:

Q: I have not received a confirmation letter for withdrawal, what should I do?
A: Check the spam folder. The letter arrives automatically at the time of the request for withdrawal of funds. Follow the link in the letter.
You can request for a new letter with confirmation link. To do that you have to enter your account on BitSeven then follow the withdrawal page where you will see the the Withdrawal History table down the page.
ou need to find the last column “Details” on it where you will see {Resend Email} clicking on it you will receive new letter with new reference link to confirm the withdrawal by clicking on it.


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