Kraken exchange decides to delist Bitcoin SV

The American exchange Kraken, following a vote on its Twitter, decided to delist Bitcoin SV digital asset.

“Over the past few months, Bitcoin SV team has been caught in behavior that goes against the standards adopted by Kraken and the wider cryptocommunity. They allowed themselves fraudulent claims, which grew into threats and legal measures. Last week several individual members of the community were threatened yet again, and that was the final nail in the coffin,” – Kraken explained their delisting.

More than 70,000 people took part in the voting, with 71% of them spoke in favor of delisting Bitcoin SV. Trading with this active on Kraken will be terminated on May 1. Users need to withdraw their BSV assets before May 15.

“They are suing us, our investors, respected and prominent members of the community. The community has been fed up with such treatment. This behavior completely contradicts the ideals this community stands for,” – emphasized Kraken CEO Jesse Powell.

Bitcoin SV delisting was previously reported by Binance and ShapeShift. Japanese cryptoexchange SBI Virtual Currencies, in turn, decided to delist Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin SV on its platform was not introduced in the first place.