Position Calculation

Position Calculator for BitSeven

There you can find “Position” calculator, which allows to calculate:

  • Position Amount
  • Position Entry Price
  • Position Leverage
  • Position Cut Loss
  • Position Fee

For positions formed by one or group of orders (you can calculate up to 5 orders). You can find more information about calculating positions data on this page.

Let’s look how to use this calculator.

Select positions direction (1), then select the cryptocurrency of the position (2). It is important, because every cryptocurrency has it’s own fee rate and it affects calculation. Select the number of orders you want to calculate (3), you can calculate up to 5 orders. You can change the number of orders at any time without data loss. After that, fill up the order amount (4) and the order price (5). Keep in mind that if you want to calculate already triggered position you need to fill the executed price (it might differ from the order price) and select the leverage by scrolling (6). Selecting the leverage later will update calculating live and you can see how leverage affects on the trading fee and loss cut value. You have to fill up data for every order you are going to calculate, then you will see results like position amount / total position amount (7) with position entry price / average position entry price (8) and position leverage / average position leverage (9), under this you can see the position cut loss price (10) with position fee (11). Cut loss price and the trading fee are being displaied in percentage amount and in cryptocurrency amount.

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