The United States will begin monitoring illegal operations with cryptocurrency – The authorities of the USA have taken an interest in the transactions carried out using digital currencies. We are talking only about operations carried out for illegal purposes. Now the Ministry of National Security will begin closely monitoring them.

It is worth saying that implementing this solution will require putting additional efforts. So far, the specialists of the department are only working on how to determine the identity of the depositor and the amount of funds transferred. In particular, we are talking about digital currencies such as Monero and Zcash which have a high level of anonymity.

One of the ministry specialists commented on the current situation:

“We need to study the features of illegal transactions in the blockchain. We are well aware that there will be new cryptoplatforms appearing later, so we need to come up with a universal solution for dealing with criminals in this area.”

Let’s recall that a year ago in the same department there was the largest data leak in recent times. The moment the secret information could be openly accessed, the hackers began mining Monero and other digital currencies with a high level of anonymity.